This is the info page. I don't have much to put here, really, so this page is a bit useless. Hmmm... I started this thing because my college paper was looking for a new cartoonist and because I love drawing comics. Good a reason as any, right? And what better people to draw about than your wonderful, consenting friends, right? Everyone in Sconeborough is based on someone I know. Actually, we all know each other, but I promise we're not a cult. We're just bored. Occasionally we have our moments of genius, and that's essentially the gist of Sconeborough: THE COMIC ...though whether or not it is genius is open for discussion. After Sconeborough was accepted into print, I decided to put it on the internet because the internet is like every fridge that ever had crappy child art on it. Your mom thinks it's cute, but she's probably the only one (my mom doesn't actually read Sconeborough, which might be best for everyone involved).

Anyway, I tried to make this webpage as functional as I could using only HTML, so hopefully it works ok for you. I think I'm supposed to write something about myself on here, too, but I don't ever know what to say about myself. I draw things! I like stuff. My favorite food is red and I enjoy nice sounds. I have fish and I eat fish, but I don't eat the fish I have. That's good enough, I think.

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